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Key Facts

  • Format: Abstract and Index, Full Text
  • Media: Electronic/Online
  • Coverage Dates: 1977 - Present
  • z3950 Enabled: true
  • Sources Covered: More than 1,370
  • COUNTER compliant: Yes
  • Athens enabled: Yes
  • OpenURL Enabled: Yes


Key U.S. national titles include:

  • New York Times (backfile to 1980)
  • Wall Street Journal (backfile to 1984) co-EXCLUSIVE with Dow Jones
  • Washington Post (backfile to 1987)
  • Los Angeles Times (backfile to 1985) EXCLUSIVE
  • Chicago Tribune (backfile to 1985) EXCLUSIVE

International titles include:

  • The Straits Times (backfile to 1995)
  • The Guardian (backfile to 1996)
  • Financial Times (backfile to 1996)
  • Globe and Mail (backfile to 1977)
  • The Age (backfile to 1996)
  • The Hindu (backfile to 1996)
  • El Mundo (backfile to 2008)
  • Toronto Star (backfile to 1985)

ProQuest offers exclusive access to the academic and public library markets for the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and co-exclusive access (with Factiva) to the Wall Street Journal. ProQuest also offers one of the largest collections of local and regional newspapers available. Some of the regional titles are available as separate stand-alone subscriptions.

ProQuest is the exclusive provider in the library market for Gannett newspapers which comprise 85 US regional newspapers and offers 7 Gannett military newspapers on a non-exclusive basis (see Gannett section below).

International coverage is one of ProQuest’s strengths with one of the largest collections of news resources from Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Australia including The Guardian, The Hindu, El Norte, and the Jerusalem Post

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User-friendly and precise

The ProQuest interface offers additional features for a user-friendly and precise searching experience:

  • Narrow searches by date, multiple fields, and document types
  • Spell check
  • Abstracts for every newspaper article
  • Translates articles on demand
  • Open URL Compliant

High-quality indexing maximizes researcher’s time

ProQuest Newsstand's detailed indexing helps researchers quickly find the news information they need as well as track news events over time or at location of origin. The indexing covers not only complete bibliographic information but also subjects, companies, people, products, and geographic areas. Each issue of every newspaper is indexed thoroughly, so your patrons have access to not only top news stories but also detailed information on the arts, sports, business, and popular culture. Even such items as editorials, editorial cartoons, obituaries, and letters to the editor from well-known people are indexed.

Find the information you need quickly

With basic and advanced searching, ProQuest Newsstand is suitable for everyone, from novice researchers to experienced information professionals. Natural language searching, SmartSearch and the Topic Guide are just a few of the features that help users find the exact information they need, quickly and easily.

Best resource for U.S. major news titles

ProQuest Newsstand has the very best access to current, full-text newspapers with longer backfile and/or more timely access to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times as well as over 85 Gannett regional and local titles. Titles can be searched together or separately for maximum researcher efficiency.

Cross-searchability enhances researcher output

ProQuest Newsstand is fully cross-searchable with other important ProQuest products including ABI/INFORM®, ProQuest Historical Newspapers and all other products your institution access via the ProQuest platform giving researchers the latest news to complement their topic research.

The most current news at your fingertips

ProQuest news content is updated each day – researchers always have access to the most current information. National newspapers are available by 8am on the same day they are published. Over 250 newspapers have same day availability.

Get the content you want, the way you want it

Our packages are flexible to meet your needs – subscribe to selected single titles, national or regional bundles.

Support & Training

ProQuest offers best-in-class customer service, technical support, and training so you can hit the ground running with your ProQuest products and leverage everything they can do.

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