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The ProQuest Historical Newspapers™ graphical version offers schools full-text, full-image newspapers that date back to their first issue. Every newspaper issue is reproduced, cover-to-cover, in full-page digital images—from news stories and editorials to graphics and advertisements. It offers schools a unique, affordable collection of historical primary source documents.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers™ graphical version features the following titles:

International Newspapers:

Black Newspapers:

American Jewish Newspapers:

  • The American Hebrew & Jewish Messenger—1857-1922
  • The American Israelite—1854-1922
  • The Jewish Advocate—1905-1990
  • Jewish Exponent—1887-1990

ProQuest Historical Newspapers™ graphical version provides the same range of access afforded by the traditional ProQuest® historical platform, plus a user-friendly design that immerses students in the research.

Emphasizing ease of use and educational value, ProQuest Historical Newspapers™ graphical version includes a collection of editorially selected primary sources covering the 25 fundamental topics of junior high and high school history curricula, giving students an indispensable tool for studying U.S. history. With this engaging interface you also get thoughtfully selected editorial content aligned to commonly accessed articles and classroom and homework activities.

The following platform features help students quickly locate and access relevant historical newspaper documents:

  • Topic & Timeline Browse
  • This Day in History
  • Famous Dead People
  • What Happened On…

These features immediately engage students in the use of primary sources, provide historical context, and tie yesterday’s events to today’s events. Students spend more time using content, and less time finding it.

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