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Users have moved beyond print to computers, tablets, and other mobile devices that enable research to happen wherever and whenever. Ebooks enable libraries to leverage that trend by enriching their content mix and showcasing their authoritative content.

Yet, ebooks can be complicated. Publishers’ loan policies for “e” differ from those for “p.” And librarians are often constrained by systems that were designed for print and do not fully support the new possibilities offered with ebooks.

In 2015, ProQuest and its ebook businesses ebrary and EBL will eliminate the complexities and challenges surrounding ebooks. In a few short months, we’ll debut ProQuest Ebook Central, an intuitive, user-friendly platform that simplifies ebook workflow for both librarians and patrons. Its goal: liberate libraries from outdated systems by supporting discovery, selection, acquisition, administration, along with real-time usage and expenditure analytics. And users will be empowered to reach new levels of success because ProQuest Ebook Central has been designed specifically for research productivity, from discovery to reading to bookshelf. ProQuest Ebook Central will simplify libraries’ digital migration by

  • eliminating redundancies and work-arounds
  • enabling access and discovery of ProQuest’s vast selection of ebooks
  • putting ebooks inherent flexibility to work for patrons and librarians.

From our wide selection of content to our flexible acquisition models to our technology architecture designed to support today AND tomorrow, ProQuest is leading the way in ebooks.

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