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Purchases or short-term loans (STLs) can be mediated or unmediated.  A mediated purchase or STL refers to situations when the librarian reviews a patron request for the material and chooses to grant or deny access.

Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA) provides the ability to offer access to more than 740,000 ebooks of your choice through the use of profiles. With profiles, the library determines what ebooks are available to patrons through the use of inclusion and exclusion criteria such as such as subject, publisher, publication date, author, pricing, and more.  The profiles help to restrict options to ebooks suitable for the library and can be adjusted at any time.

Patrons or users – though unbeknownst to them – are participating in building the library collection through their interest in an ebook.  DDA  programs have become a well-established approach toward integrating user involvement in the process of building academic library collections.

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