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Primary source collections
Full-image reproductions
Broad topic coverage 600 AD to present

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With Research Collections, you can read a handwritten letter from Thomas Jefferson, study the FBI files on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, review a seventeenth-century letter written by the descendant of a Spanish conquistador, or browse an eighteenth-century primer. History comes alive with full-image reproductions of original documents.

To learn more, consult the Research Collections online catalog, which can be accessed via an alphabetical index, a topical index, or a keyword search. If you have specific questions about collection content, contact your ProQuest Account Representative. Printed guides for many collections are available for previewing.

  • Content Type: Government and Official Publications, Pamphlets and Ephemeral Works, Other Sources

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Digital Microfilm

The Digital Microfilm™ offering is a new and exclusive ProQuest product that brings full-image newspaper archived content to your patrons the way they want it - digitally.

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Newspapers in Microform

The industry’s broadest and deepest collection of microform newspapers from around the world is available to meet your library’s research and preservation needs.

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The Vogue Italia Archive

The complete run of Vogue Italia – one of the most influential and renowned international editions of Vogue – from its launch in 1964 to present. Vogue Italia’s appeal and influence is international, with almost half of its issues typically being sold outside of Italy.

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Important Maintenance to Improve ProQuest Products

On January 16, 2016, ProQuest will be upgrading its systems infrastructure to improve performance, security, and overall reliability of your products.

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Why is Responsive Design Important?

Our research shows that users want to be able to access the same information and expect the same functionality across all of their devices.

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