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Fast Facts

Media: 230 microfiche
Format: Microfiche
Coverage Dates: 1901-1929
Sources Covered: Four

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The collection includes four important art periodicals:

  • Zhar-ptitsa. An illustrated monthly magazine on art and literature. A. Kogan's Russkoye Iskusstvo Publishers. Paris-Berlin, 1921-1925. 14 issues, 60 pp./issue, 11 microfiche
  • Perezvony. An illustrated magazine on art and literature. Riga, Latvia, 1925-1929. 43 issues, 40 pp./issue, 23 microfiche
  • Starye gody. A monthly magazine for lovers of antiquity and art. St. Petersburg, 1907-1916, 120 issues, 100 pp./issue, 141 microfiche
  • Khudozhestvennye sokrovishcha Rossii. A monthly collection of articles on decorative and applied arts. Published by the Society for the Encouragement of Artists. eds. A. Benois and A. Prakhov. St. Petersburg, 1901-1907. 84 issues, 40 pp./issue, 55 microfiche

All titles are available together or individually.

  • Content Type: Microfiche
  • MARC Records: Yes

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