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Searchable collection of 4 ProQuest SIRS resources
Background, analysis & tools for 350+ issues
100% full-text, standards-aligned, & lexiled
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SIRS® Knowledge Source® is a comprehensive database portal which is comprised of several distinct reference databases including SIRS® Issues Researcher, SIRS® Government Reporter®, and SIRS® Renaissance®. It provides relevant, credible information on social issues, science, history, government, and the arts and humanities.

SIRS Knowledge Source acts as both an integrated search portal to all of these SIRS® titles and as a standalone resource, providing schools with compelling, multidisciplinary learning assets for enhancing student achievement. With it, educators can integrate technology effectively into the curriculum-increasing technology literacy for all users. These attributes and others meet NCLB requirements, qualifying for purchase through funds such as Title II-D and IV-B.

We pride ourselves on selecting only the best and most relevant resources. Every SIRS article, primary source document, website, chart, map, diagram, illustration, and graphic has been carefully selected by educators, for educators, to ensure its relevancy, credibility, curricular applicability, and appropriateness to students. Titles include: American History, Atlantic Monthly, Christian Science Monitor, Global Viewpoint, New YorkReview of Books, New York Times, Newsweek, Science News, Smithsonian, and U.S. News & World Report.

Simple search methods make it easy to find relevant information. Subject heading, keyword, natural language, and topic browse queries are available, and students can sort their results by relevance, date, Lexile score, and by source type. Users can save and share data using tagged lists to view, print, or email text and graphics in one easy step. Auto-generated bibliographies, search history, session save, and bookmarking tools make the research process easy. Durable links allow users to create a shortcut to a favorite article, graphic, feature, or portal.

Additional editorial and content features help support student research by keeping students focused on engaging topics.

  • Leading Issues provides instant access to nearly 100 of the most researched social issues.
  • The World Almanac Excerpts connects students to useful facts and figures.
  • Focus on Terrorism delivers the latest information on terrorism issues across the world.
  • Maps of the World offers hundreds of full-color current and historic maps.
  • Today’s News delivers up-to-the-minute news on the day’s current events.
  • Suggested Research Topics includes sample keywords, subject headings, and topic browse paths linking directly to coverage of timely issues, providing ideas for research topics and increasing awareness of detailed subject headings. Also available in this section are Challenge Quests, presented monthly, which pose insightful questions with answers in the form of pathfinders, to encourage student research.
  • Spotlight of the Month and ChallengeQuests present a sampling of articles to encourage research and awareness of monthly topics, chosen for their timeliness and high interest.
  • Historic Documents, National Archives Documents, and U.S. Supreme Court cases provide access to hundreds of primary source documents.

  • Content Type: Blog Podcasts and Websites, Books, Encyclopedias and Reference Works, Magazines, Maps, Newspapers, Other Sources

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