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SIRS Issues Researcher - 2015 CODiE Finalist, 2014 Library Journal Best Databases

Fast Facts

Background and analysis on 350+ leading issues
CODiE award-winning resource for pro/con issues
Supports Common Core and other learning standards
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When it comes to helping researchers make sense of the major issues of the day, SIRS® Issues Researcher makes the grade by offering only the very best article selections from more than 2,000 sources from around the globe.  Analysis and opinions cover the pros, cons, and everything in between of 325 social, scientific, health, historic, economic, political, and global issues. Editorially created Topic Overview pages with engaging Essential Questions with answers, and viewpoint articles help build solid foundations for understanding the issues.  Articles and graphics in SIRS Issues Researcher are carefully selected according to strict SIRS criteria for content reliability, relevance, and age-appropriateness. Titles include: American History, The Christian Science Monitor, Economist, Foreign Affairs, Financial, Times, Global Viewpoint, Maclean’s, National Geographic, Newsweek and Science News.

Thousands of hand-selected, highly targeted newspaper & magazine articles, graphics, charts, maps, primary sources, government documents, websites, and multimedia support viewpoints from the pros and cons, to everything in-between. Special features such as Statistics and Global Impact broaden student comprehension of issues.

Users can easily retrieve information by subject heading, topic browse, and keyword searches. The articles are indexed according to Library of Congress-derived subject headings to ensure the best results can be printed, saved, emailed and shared.

New state, national and Common Core standards search helps educators locate standards-aligned articles and other resources, which saves teachers time in the lesson planning process, and ensures that library resources are correlated directly to learning benchmarks.

Lexile Reading Levels have also been integrated into the product. Lexile scores match reader ability and text difficulty, allowing individualized monitoring of student progress.

SIRS Issues Researcher is available online through SIRS Knowledge Source®. SIRS Issues Researcher provides the following features and tools:

  • Today’s News
  • ‘Top 10’ Leading Issues
  • Daily updating
  • Article Text to Speech
  • Language Translation
  • Citation Generator
  • Visual Browse tool
  • iTHINK Skills Tutor
  • Note Organizer
  • Focus on Terrorism
  • Curriculum Pathfinders
  • Dictionary & Thesaurus
  • The World Almanac Excerpts

  • Content Type: Blog Podcasts and Websites, Books, Encyclopedias and Reference Works, Magazines, Maps, Newspapers, Other Sources, Video and Audio, Picture, Website, Almanac, Atlas, Newspapers, Magazines, Graphics Multimedia

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