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Media: 2 reels 35mm microfilm; 252 microfiche

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The journals listed below were all connected with movements to establish European or world federation as a stronger form of international organization than the League of Nations or United Nations.  Begun in the period between the wars, the movement gained new momentum during and after the tragedy of World War II and especially after the advent of atomic weapons, which made all humanity apprehensive about the future peace of the world.  The underlying theory was that, to abolish war, it was both necessary and possible to go beyond a confederation of sovereign states to a federal world government of states and people.

 The hope was that the rule of law at the international level would inaugurate an era of ordered freedom under law. These journals deal with the founding of the United Nations, proposals for U.N. reform, the international control of atomic energy, world federalism, Atlantic union, European union, NATO reform and the politics of the Cold War-all issues still fundamental to world peace in the 1990s.  The journals are primary sources for the study of an historic new movement in the field of international organization.  Conveniently collected here, they should be of interest to students and scholars of international relations, diplomacy, history, international organization, federalism and peace. This microfiche project was first suggested by the late Dr. Warren F. Kuehl, Professor of History at the University of Akron and Director of the Center for Peace Studies at Akron.  The series is dedicated to his memory.

For a complete World Federalist Movement collection title list, please click here.

  • Journals of Clarence Streit's Federal Union Movement, 1939 - 1978
    106 fiche
  • World Federalist Papers of the Committee to Frame a World Constitution, 1945 - 1951
    1 on 35mm and 28 on microfiche (including introduction)
    29 Various
  • Journal of the Early World Federalist Movement, 1943 - 1952
    20 fiche
  • Journals of the United World Federalists and the World Federalist Association, 1951 - 1985
    31 on microfiche and 1 on 35mm
    32 Various
  • Publications of the World Movement for World Federal Government and the World Association of World Federalists 1947-1988
    42 fiche
  • Journal of the Conference Upon Research in Education 1953 - 1973
    25 fiche

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