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Digitized works of W.B. Yeats
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This database includes the complete works of Yeats, one of the most important and studied poets of the English language, available in fully cross-searchable format.

W.B. Yeats was one of the greatest poets of the 20th century. His works are included in all major anthologies of poetry and are widely studied in schools and universities. This database is the first complete electronic edition of Yeats's work, and places his poetry in the context of his other writings. It brings together 22 printed volumes and includes critical and fictional prose, poetry, plays, and autobiographical works.

The W.B. Yeats Collection is an invaluable tool in the debate surrounding the revision and textual editing of Yeats's corpus. It enables users to search across the final published versions of his poems and essays and to trace the development of his ideas and techniques.

The W.B. Yeats Collection can be searched by keyword, first line or title keyword, genre (poetry, drama, non-fictional prose, or fictional prose), or date of first publication.

The collection has the full support of the Yeats estate and has been compiled by leading Yeats scholar Professor Richard J. Finneran, Hodges Chair of Excellence at the University of Tennessee.

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