Access Error - No Database Available (3006)

Although the username / password combination you entered is a valid login for your institution, your account is not set up correctly for ProQuest access. Contact your library administrator for help.


The most common reason for this error is that your institution has chosen to cancel its subscription or your institution had a trial subscription that has expired. Another possible reason is that you need to use a different link to access your products.

What should I do?

Students and researchers:

  • Click on the link to ProQuest directly from the library or institution web page.
  • Check with your library reference desk or help desk to confirm that your library still subscribes to ProQuest and to get instructions on how to access ProQuest (including what link to use).
  • Try to log into a different account:
  • Continue through to the ProQuest Platform to find and view Open Access content in full as well as limited previews of other material.

Library administrators: