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22 Jun 2018
Faculty Say Using Varied Content Types Improves Learning
ProQuest survey digs into the sources faculty and students are using and why

ProQuest surveyed more than 1,300 faculty and students around the globe to better understand the value they find in using various types of content.

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ProQuest News

Research Information Interviews Rafael Sidi, Senior VP, ProQuest Information Solutions

There are many sources of information available to researchers. Database providers argue that this makes the role of high-quality databases as important as ever.

01 Oct 2013 | ProQuest in the News

ProQuest Supports Burgeoning Indian Research Market

ProQuest is serving the dramatic growth in academic research in India with its first solution designed specifically for this market. ProQuest® Indian Journals enables researchers from around the world to cross-search and access premier academic journals published entirely in India along with other ProQuest content all in one step.

01 Oct 2013 | News Release

London South Bank University to Improve Access to Content with 360 Link

With two libraries to cater for their 25,000 students, London South Bank University is committed to delivering essential content for its users in a quick and efficient manner by upgrading to ProQuest Serials Solutions 360 Link from their existing 360 Core subscription.

26 Sep 2013 | News Alert

MnPALS Selects Summon Discovery Service, 360 Link and 360 Resource Manager

MnPALS Selects Summon Discovery Service, 360 Link and 360 Resource Manager to provide more efficient resource management and access.

18 Sep 2013 | News Release

SWITCH Library Consortium Selects 360 Link

SWITCH Library Consortium in Milwaukee has selected 360 Link from Serials Solutions® 360 Link to provide users the most accurate, up-to-date results in support of the consortium's commitment to increase and improve access to member library’s collections and showcase the materials owned by the SWITCH libraries.

16 Sep 2013 | News Alert

ProQuest Named in 2013 InformationWeek 500

ProQuest is making its fifth consecutive appearance in the InformationWeek 500, an annual listing of the nation's most innovative users of business technology.

16 Sep 2013 | News Release

John F. Kennedy University Selects ProQuest® to Help Students Discover Resources

John F. Kennedy University has selected ProQuest® solutions to aid its students in discovering resources. The University’s search for a discovery service ended once ProQuest presented an integrated solution that they could not resist, Summon, ebrary and Syndetic Solutions.

12 Sep 2013 | News Alert

Birmingham City University Improves E-Resource Management and Assessment with ProQuest Solutions

Birmingham City University has recently added two ProQuest® management services, an e-resource management system (ERM) and assessment service, to address the complexities of managing and analysing usage of their e-resources.

10 Sep 2013 | News Alert

Instituto de Medicina Molecular Subscribes to ProQuest’s Innovative Pivot™ Service

The Instituto de Medicina Molecular, an associated research institution of the University of Lisbon in Portugal which specifically focuses on human genome research, has recently subscribed to ProQuest's innovative Pivot™ service to match research collaborators and active sources of funding in one step.

05 Sep 2013 | News Alert

Joint Consortia Chooses EBL and ebrary for Ebooks

Academic libraries across England will now have wider access to ProQuest® extensive ebook collection through EBL - Ebook Library (EBL) and ebrary platforms. The Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC) has selected both EBL and ebrary as recommended ebook suppliers for the next two to four years.

04 Sep 2013 | News Release