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Serials Solutions® continues to simplify the management of licenses and their terms with new enhancements to its e-Resource Management (ERM) service.  The company is working with JISC Collections to save librarians time and increase access to the licenses negotiated by JISC Collections for NESLi2, databases and archives. Through this collaboration, licenses will be added to 360 Resource Manager, Serials Solutions’ popular e-resource management service, marking the first time JISC Collections’ licenses have been included in an ERM service.

JISC Collections and Serials Solutions are employing the ONIX for Publications Licenses (ONIX-PL) format to facilitate the exchange of data between their respective systems. ONIX-PL provides a standardized machine readable format for the expression of license terms in a consistent manner and was specifically designed for use with library and electronic resource management systems. JISC Collections is creating ONIX-PL expressions for all of its agreements and is making them available as part of its license comparison tool, elcat.

Serials Solutions designed a specific license template in 360 Resource Manager to make this data accessible and easy to use for tracking and populating license terms of use in 360 Resource Manager. This cooperative effort ensures that libraries will benefit from the population and updating of JISC Collections license data in Serials Solutions ERM system.  As the growth in the number of licenses governing the use of e-resources continues to rise at a rapid pace, the value of this new service becomes increasingly important. As a result, a significant amount of time spent on data entry tasks will be eliminated and librarians can spend more time on valuable activities – and fully leverage the capabilities of their chosen technologies and respective workflows.

Serials Solutions continues to develop new features for 360 Resource Manager to meet the current e-resource management needs of libraries. Future enhancements to the service will help the more than three hundred libraries using 360 Resource Manager, to effectively track and control their resources to streamline their workflows and optimize collections. The company is also developing Intota, a web-scale collection management solution that provides unified, intelligent workflows, as well as integrated assessment and built-in interoperability.

Learn how JISC License Model works and attend one of the upcoming 360 Resource Manager webinars on workflow, usage statistics and assessment with Serials Solutions library management services.

About Serials Solutions
Serials Solutions provides industry-leading technology solutions for libraries worldwide. The company helps libraries work better by providing innovative, practical Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for discovery and management. Driven by a comprehensive knowledgebase and coupled with unparalleled client support services, these solutions uniquely merge unsurpassed understanding of libraries. Serials Solutions is a dedicated partner of libraries working to remain vital and relevant to their users and communities.

Serials Solutions, a ProQuest® business, is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Media Contact:  Christine Goetz, Public Relations Manager,

22 Oct 2012 | Posted by Ashley Bass

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