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India surges 40% while growth from China slows to 5%

The “2013 CGS International Graduate Admissions Survey, Phase III: Final Offers of Admission and Enrollment” study has been released, and the numbers tell an interesting story.

The survey had a response rate of 56%, including 76 of the 100 institutions that award the largest number of graduate degrees to international students. Overall, the 285 institutions responding to the Phase III survey conferred 66% of the approximately 103,000 graduate degrees awarded to international students in the United States in 2010/11.

The Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) reported a 10% increase in the first-time enrollment of international graduate students from 2012 to 2013, a growth that adds to 8% increases in this figure in each of the last two years. Total enrollment of international graduate students among responding institutions reached 220,000 in 2013.

International students now account for 15 percent of the nation’s total graduate enrollment. International graduate students continue to enroll in fields that have been traditionally popular among this population. The two most popular fields among international students are physical and earth sciences, which includes mathematics and computer sciences, and engineering: together they comprised 47 percent of all international graduate student enrollment in 2013.

“Findings from the 2013 CGS International Graduate Admissions Survey, Phase III: Final Offers of Admission and Enrollment” is based on the third phase of a three-part annual survey of international graduate student applications, admissions, and enrollment among U.S. member institutions.

Current and past reports are posted here.

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03 Dec 2013 | Posted by Shannon Janeczek

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