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When did you first start working in the library industry and what did you do? It was right around 1990 that I first started in library automation as a product manager, responsible for retrospective conversion of shelf-list cards and creating MARC records for them. I also managed authority control projects and other data services. Then in 1992, I started working for Bowker as an assistant manager for tape and online services – where I shipped data out on 9-track tapes for local loading of bibliographic records into library catalogs and other systems.

When did you first hear about Serials Solutions?  In 2001 at ALA Annual in San Francisco, the founders of Serials Solutions approached Bowker about a bi-directional linking project between their new A-to-Z title list service (now 360 Core) and Ulrichsweb™. It was Serials Solutions’ first linking partnership and the linking continues to this day.  From the earliest days of Serials Solutions, there has been a philosophy of innovation and collaboration to benefit both librarians and library users, and to leverage authoritative metadata within its services.

How did you come to be at Serials Solutions? I joined Serials Solutions in 2007, after Cambridge Information Group (CIG) acquired ProQuest, of which Serials Solutions was a part, CIG already owned Bowker, and had the vision to bring the Ulrich’s services together with the Serials Solutions family of management and discovery services, expanding the comprehensive scope of serials and provider information we offer.

What are your responsibilities now? I’m still responsible for the Ulrich’s family of services and have additional responsibilities now for the new Serials Solutions knowledgebase, which will power Intota™ and support all other Serials Solutions services.

How has Serials Solutions changed over the years? The organization has definitely developed additional services and added more librarians to its staff. We are also a global company now; with a Content Operations team that gathers and improves metadata on an international scale. Most importantly, though, Serials Solutions has remained dedicated to its founding principles of providing the highest quality metadata and services to libraries and end users. It’s a huge part of who we are as a company.

What do you like most about working at Serials Solutions? The dedication of all my colleagues is impressive. They are focused on making things right, serving our customers and providing support across the organization. It’s truly a team effort. I am also pleased that we are able to continue to support the Ulrich’s Serials Librarianship Award that is given by the ALCTS division of the American Library Association. The award recognizes excellence in serials librarianship and showcases those that excel in this area.

What can you tell us about yourself that we might never guess?  I’m a historian by training, and have my Master’s degree in History.  I am a big fan of Ken Burns’ documentaries, David McCullough’s biographies of historical figures, and the odd historical fact.  I’ve also been known to recite the Prologue to The Canterbury Tales in Middle English for a fair price! 

16 Jan 2013 | Posted by Scott Schuetze

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