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The Instituto de Medicina Molecular, an associated research institution of the University of Lisbon in Portugal which specifically focuses on human genome research, has recently subscribed to ProQuest’s innovative Pivot™ service. Pivot provides the institution with a web-based resource that identifies active sources of funding and matches them with research collaborators in one step.

One of the main challenges for the institution is finding new funding opportunities for its researchers. Pivot uses a structured, efficient and professional process which has provided better access to more funding opportunities.

Joana Costa, Ph.D., Grants Manager for The Instituto de Medicina Molecular, said, “I discovered Pivot shortly after my institution created the business development and grants office. The process of funding and disseminating interesting funding opportunities is faster and more efficient and through the user-friendly platform. It allows me to have knowledge of all the new possibilities provided by foundations and funding agencies.”

In addition, the Pivot service provides Joana and her team access to a series of statistical tools to monitor activity and promote collaborator discovery. This has allowed them to create their own application agenda and find relevant institutions and/or researchers to establish partnerships for joint applications. Joana states, “From my experience, Pivot is indeed an added-value to any research institution.”

To see more about Pivot and what it can do for your institution, click here.

05 Sep 2013 | Posted by Shannon Janeczek

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