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If you’re at ALA today, you’re in luck! Earlier this month, College & Research Libraries News touched on the trends impacting higher education, a likely precursor for this weekend’s conference in Vegas.

Just a few of the common themes from this article and what we’ll very likely be seeing this weekend:

•    Collaboration around data discovery and management. There’s a shift taking place in the academic landscape, because information is predominantly more digital, and there’s more need for analytics to support decisions. It’s time for the ways in which libraries are working to transform.
•    Mobile-enabled access to materials. With the onslaught of information being accessed digitally, technology is enhancing how information is found and organized; therefore, more and more companies are making sure their services and tools can be accessed on any screen.
•    Open access. The free flow of information available on the Internet has put pressure on traditional (limited-access) forms of publishing. The research process demands efficiency and thorough discovery, so the movement of open access is impacting users’ needs and transforming the way in which information is found and used.
•    Student success and library value. The bane of a librarian’s existence: ensuring that users’ needs are met while also showcasing how the library benefits a university and its community. It’s not easy, but it is vital, and prevalent in every decision a library makes. Needs and expectations are constantly changing and libraries need to evolve the presentation of their value.
•    Information literacy and research skills. There are common struggles students encounter when they are required to do scholarly research. Many don’t know how to get started or where to turn for help; enter the library! Ensure you are equipped with the resources to help streamline the research process.

All of these very relevant topics will also be featured in our full day of educational sessions:

Transforming Libraries, Transforming Research
ProQuest Day – "Transforming Libraries, Transforming Research" at ALA Annual
See the thought leaders headlining these sessions here!
When: Friday, June 27, 2014
Time: 11:30 am - 5:30 pm
Where: Las Vegas Convention Center & Las Vegas Hotel

And, as a bonus, our keynote lunch will feature Roger Schonfeld from Ithaka S+R! His presentation will be on “Library Transformations: The Views of Academic Library Leaders.”

As an exhibitor and sponsor, ProQuest will have a large presence in the exhibition hall, so stop by booth 703. We hope you will attend some of our presentations, stop by the booth to email some literature home via our e-doc station, or sit down with one of our reps to chat about what’s new.

We’ll also be actively posting news and what’s happening via our social media accounts with the hashtag #alaac14, so make sure you’re following us @ProQuest on Twitter and like our Facebook page.

27 Jun 2014

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