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Appalachian State University needed to reclaim space on their shelves and ProQuest is helping them to do just that. The library realized that it had a great number of paper documents that were under-utilized by the students and essentially wasting much needed space on their shelves because they were difficult to search. Gaining access to the information in those government documents would be invaluable for over 17,000 students that attend ASU in North Carolina.

"We are excited to add ProQuest Congressional to our library’s resources. By replacing the paper documents with the online versions we will be able to regain shelf space and with the excellent search functions of the ProQuest Congressional suite, we will vastly improve access to information buried in government documents," shared Allan Scherlen, Social Sciences Librarian at ASU.

The ProQuest Congressional Suite includes full-text components of these products:

•    Serial Set (click here for a whitepaper on this product)
•    Congressional Hearings Digital Collection
•    Congressional Research Digital Collection
•    Congressional Record Permanent Digital Collection (click here for a Quick Start libguide)
•    Legislative Insight
•    Digital U.S. Bills & Resolutions
•    Executive Branch Documents

With these products, students and faculty at ASU will have access to a comprehensive resource for legislative histories and in-depth research of Congressional actions through history to enhance their research experience.

Click here to read more on all of these products, as well as others from the rest of the ProQuest Congressional Collection.

03 Jun 2014

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