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On August 4, EBL will be moving from a textbook lending model to a 3-user model.  Upon launch, all existing textbook copies will be replaced with new 3-user model.

There are great benefits to the 3-user model:

>> It allows more patrons to access titles they need. Three users can use one title simultaneously and do a continuous browse without triggering a loan.
>> It avoids keeping items out of circulation longer than necessary. It reduces the number of turn-aways your patrons experience - with 3-user model loans are only triggered when actually required. And when a patron leaves the Online Reader, the 3-user title will becomes available to another patron.
>> The management of perpetual titles is made smarter. Increases access to 3-user titles and avoids frustrating turn-aways by using a 3-user model in conjunction with short-term loans. Titles previously purchased in the textbook model will now be more available for your patrons, with no additional cost to you.

For an overview of the 3-user lending model for EBL, click here.  

Please contact your Customer Relationship Manager for more information.

30 Jul 2014

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