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On August 7, the first ebrary customers were upgraded to the new Reader. Feedback from librarians has been that it’s a substantial improvement for their patrons’ ebook reading experience, and that librarians are better able to assist them with their research.   

We continue to solicit feedback pre- and post-launch on the new ebrary Online Reader, and librarians suggested they would like to see the chapter download capability more prominently displayed within the new interface.  Based on this feedback, we’ve adjusted the interface to make it easier to discover the ability to download a chapter as an image PDF.

Within the detail page, chapter download now appears under full download (see top image).

Within the Reader interface, the toolbar now includes an icon directly to the right of the full download option (bottom image).

As in the past, image PDF files:
-- are not text searchable, nor available to make annotations
-- are subject to the same page limits as printing (typically, 30% of the book).

In addition, offline reading is not limited to reading a chapter PDF on a computer.  From the new ebrary Online Reader, users can also download the full ebook for offline reading on either their tablet or phone (iOS and Android are supported), using the independent, highly-rated Bluefire Reader for mobile devices.  (The Bluefire Reader app is freely available for iOS devices in the App Store and for Android devices in Google Play.)

For additional details, please review this site for downloading to a mobile device.

Designed to meet the continually evolving expectations of researchers, the new ebrary Online Reader delivers a modern experience, with a simple interface, intuitive navigation, and user-centered design.  The ebrary Online Reader was redesigned from the ground up to work seamlessly across the devices (especially increasingly-popular tablets) used most by researchers. Extensive user testing with library patrons, particularly university students in the midst of research projects, steered the Online Reader’s development.

The new ebrary Online Reader will also be the basis for the reader for the integrated platform.

24 Oct 2014

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