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We are excited to announce two important new features in LibCentral to provide you with greater control over your EBL Demand-driven Acquisitions (DDA) program and allow you to easily and automatically manage how you spend your budget:

-- Short-term Loan Price Threshold:
With this new setting you can disable any short-term loans that are priced above a certain percentage of list price. This way, if a publisher increases a short-term loan price above your accepted percentage, users will not be able to trigger a loan. This setting can be adjusted by you at any time and affects titles visible in your profile in real time.

-- Auto-purchase Publication Date Setting: 
This allows autopurchase based on publication date, as well as the immediate purchase of frontlist titles upon first access by the user, while still permitting you to offer STLs against backlist content.

These features are now live in LibCentral. If you have questions about how to make adjustments, please refer to the help documentation available in LibCentral, contact your Ebook Client Relationship Manager, or email

NOTE:  If you have not yet upgraded to the new LibCentral, and wish to do so ahead of your June 2nd scheduled date to take advantage of these new features, please contact your Ebook Client Relationship Manager or email

21 May 2014

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