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ProQuest recognizes that continued innovation and responsive collaboration with libraries today will drive sustainability in the future. In that vein, ProQuest recently hosted a Library Futures Forum that explored solutions to help library leaders prepare for the future. This one-day forum was designed for sharing ideas and building connections among innovators and subject matter experts. The goal was to foster exchanging practices and considerations for creating a future where libraries will flourish.

Distinguished author Bruce Rosenstein, and highly regarded leaders from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the ALA Center for the Future of Libraries, and the Virtual Library of Virginia shared their insight and lead discussion groups during the forum.

Our assembly of presentations teed up amazing dialogue with participants from every sector of the library community. We recorded the keynote presentations and will share those in coming weeks. In the interim, the slides from our keynote speakers have been uploaded online and can be found at the following links:

-- Blane Dessy

-- Bruce Rosenstein 

-- Gary Price 

View all of our speakers, a brief bio of each, and the full agenda here.

The news release about the event is here.

*If you would like to be a part of a future Library Forum, as a presenter or a guest, please contact us.

02 Jun 2014

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