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In 2013, when Edward Snowden leaked classified National Security Agency (NSA) documents, he brought the world’s attention to the issues of privacy, security and global surveillance, begging questions with few simple answers.

Now, researchers can go deeper into this controversial topic by exploring its history and impact through primary sources. Digital National Security Archive’s Electronic Surveillance and the National Security Agency: From Shamrock to Snowden brings together the world’s most comprehensive, publicly available collection of materials on the subject.

Each piece has been carefully gathered and selected by the staff of the National Security Archive (the Archive) – an award-winning nonprofit research institute, library and publisher of declassified documentation based at The George Washington University. The works have been digitized, supported with precision search tools and are now accessible to libraries and researchers via ProQuest.

Learn more about the Digital National Security Archive here.

Available in November, Electronic Surveillance and the National Security Agency: From Shamrock to Snowden includes:

> A comprehensive set of the documents disclosed by Snowden
> Documents produced or released in response to those disclosures by a variety of sources -- the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the National Security Agency, congressional offices and other U.S. and foreign government organizations.
> Historical context, with documents that chronicle electronic surveillance activities and controversies of much earlier years, including SHAMROCK (telegram collection), MINARET (the watch list), warrantless wiretapping, ECHELON (satellite communications intercepts), and USSID 18 (retention of information on U.S. citizens).

To read the rest of the press release on this new collection, click here.

12 Nov 2014

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