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ProQuest’s main goal is simple—to make acquiring content painless for libraries and transparent to users.

One way that we’ve moved towards making this goal a reality is through partnering with YBP to enable libraries to quickly and easily order the frontlist titles researchers need without worrying about turnaways or depleted budgets.

ProQuest through YBP means breadth, control and efficiency for your library. Learn why we:

1. Choose our content through YBP for breadth.
Not only do we offer over 430,000 titles and growing through YBP, but our publishing partners include 89 of YBP’s Top 100 publishers.  We deliver the most titles from publishers with the highest library demand.

Furthermore, 65% of our content from YBP Top 100 titles are published prior to or simultaneously with print, fulfilling your goals while meeting users’ real-time needs. Our titles can be available through GOBI in less than 24 hours.

2. Choose our models through YBP for control.
The possibilities are endless with ProQuest through YBP: Choose Demand-driven Acquisition (DDA), Perpetual Archive, Subscription, Extended Access™, Non-linear Lending™ and multi-user access to make your lending model work for you.

Worrying about overspending or acquiring the same title twice is unnecessary with our integrated fund codes and deduplication services. Do Short-term Loans (STLs) your way as we offer a number of flexible mediated and non-mediated options and STL settings for YBP that can be adjusted anytime, real time.

3. Choose our integrated workflow with YBP for efficiency.
Managing your collecting and billing through one consolidated YBP platform means your users quickly and easily find and use resources with our many options for discovery workflow, including customized integration with YBP ebook Cataloging, EBL PromptCat, and discovery services OCLC, Alma and Summon.  Use our Analytic Tools and usage reports to make data driven collection decisions and easily determine what’s working and what’s not.

Ready to make breadth, control and efficiency part of your ebook workflow? Choose ProQuest through YBP today.

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09 Oct 2014

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