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How convenient is it for you to have to create an account login and password to register with yet another source, when you’re doing research? Who knows what this source will do with your information! Do you give up at that point and try less-authoritative, easier-to-access open web resources?

EBL and ebrary know how important convenience and privacy are to you and your users. That’s why we offer Single Sign On (SSO) that only requires users to log in once—using their existing credentials.

Why does this benefit users? By saving them time and making it easier to use authoritative content. Users log in once with credentials they are familiar with, and quickly access the vetted ebooks they need to complete their research projects successfully. By logging in, users are also able to access saved books and annotations from past sessions, and can download books without interruption.

Beyond offering these perks, SSO helps your library by protecting user privacy and providing comprehensive patron analytics that no other aggregator can provide. SSO passes through the local authentication system, so your users’ private data is not shared with (nor stored by) EBL and ebrary. By passing on a unique yet anonymous identifier for each user, SSO allows EBL and ebrary to report user activity in greater detail… which means better insight for you, with the privacy individual users appreciate.

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22 Aug 2014

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