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Standing Up Against Racism in the New York Public Library

Regina Andrews

Blog post regarding the NAACP, Regina Andrews and the fight for fairness. Posted August 18, 2016.

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18 Aug 2016

“Tireless, dynamic and courageous” ─ The Women Leaders of the NAACP

Ruby Hurley

Blog post regarding women who played an important role in the NAACP, as well as the larger civil rights movement. Written by Daniel Lewis, ProQuest Senior Product Manager, and posted on February 29, 2016.

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29 Feb 2016

How Research on Flight Led to Discoveries about Race Relations

Chicago Tribune, December 19, 1903

Blog post regarding serendipity in research. "What really struck me was the serendipitous discovery of an article on race relations when I was looking for Wright brothers material," says the author. Written by Stanley Bowling, Supervisor, Content Operations at ProQuest and posted on February 11, 2016.

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11 Feb 2016

Fighting Discrimination and Segregation outside the South

Letter from Cincinnati NAACP branch leaders William Bowen and Lloyd Trotter to local residents of Cincinnati regarding the branch’s campaign against employment discrimination.

New scholarship has revealed vibrant civil rights movements in locations outside of the southern United States.

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09 Feb 2016

Becoming a Hero under the Shadow of Jim Crow

Image: Washington, Booker T.  Booker T. Washington Papers Collection, Volumes 1-14. University of Illinois Press, Oct 2014. Ed. by John W. Blassingame and Pete Daniel.

Blog post on Booker T. Washington, who was seen as “the outstanding American black man of his day and the supreme black example of the success hero.” Written by Daniel Lewis, ProQuest Sr. Product Manager, and posted on January 26, 2016.

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26 Jan 2016

The Future of the African American Past

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and images from the U.S. civil rights movement

"The Future of the African American Past" was one of numerous inspiring sessions about African American history at the 2016 AHA Annual Meeting.

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18 Jan 2016

3 Approaches for Students Researching the Montgomery Bus Boycott

FBI report on the bombing of Martin Luther King Jr.’s home in Montgomery. Source: History Vault: Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century: Federal Government Records, Centers of the Southern Struggle

The Montgomery Bus Boycott provided a key spark to what became the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

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08 Dec 2015

NAACP Papers: Owners of Store Threaten to Summon KKK

A review of legal cases covering the key issues the NAACP confronted during the peak years of the modern civil rights movement.

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21 Oct 2015

Employment Discrimination and Affirmative Action: Primary Source Records in ProQuest History Vault

Blog post regarding the latest History Vault module, The Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century: Federal Government Records, Supplement, which went online on April 20, 2015, adds records from the Ford and Reagan presidencies to History Vault, allowing researchers to trace employment issues from the turn of the 20th Century through to the early 1990s. Written by Daniel Lewis, ProQuest Product Manager and posted on May 6, 2015.

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06 May 2015

LJ says NAACP Papers' digitization is “essential” for study of US civil rights movement

Library Journal notes ProQuest’s digitization of The NAACP Papers as a “Best Reference.”

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18 Mar 2015