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How Sony’s Walkman Changed the Way We Listen to Music

The herald of the mobile music age stumbles toward its 40th anniversary

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29 Jul 2019

What Do You “Noh” About Macbeth?

How Akira Kurosawa used classical Japanese theater conventions to translate the Bard’s poetic language into visual poetry

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24 Jul 2019

Selling the Space Race

How NASA marketed the Moon landing to the American public

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19 Jul 2019

Historians Seek Out Local U.S. Coverage of the Holocaust

Historic newspapers reveal what Americans knew about events unfolding in Europe, and how they reacted to it

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17 Jul 2019

Propaganda of the French Revolution

How the off-color humor and lowbrow songs of working-class radicals fueled a major turning point in European history

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12 Jul 2019

Taming the Trolls

Why is cyberbullying so pervasive, and how can we protect ourselves and our children?

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10 Jul 2019

After Stonewall: A Community Finds Its Voice(s)

Out of the streets and onto the pages: the birth of LGBT media.

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27 Jun 2019

The Plight of LGBT Refugees

Gay, lesbian and transgender people fleeing persecution often struggle to find a place where they belong.

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20 Jun 2019

What Juneteenth Means to the Mascogo Tribe

They escaped American slavery and found their way to Mexico; now their descendants are returning to the U.S.

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18 Jun 2019

Revolution and Reform in the Early Modern Era

How the advent of the printing press revolutionized science and religion in the 16th century.

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07 Jun 2019