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Mark Barnett
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Reviewed by: Christine Oka, Library Instruction Coordinator, Northeastern University Libraries

According to the publisher, “BikeCraft Magazine is about any and all custom-built motorcycles -- café-racers, street trackers, bob-jobs, streetfighters, etc., old and new.” This new magazine covers “all customs all the time,” with articles ranging from the development of the “So-Cal Speedster: Behind the build of a very special street tracker,” to an overview of the motorcycle market in America, in “The State We’re In” – “the custom motorcycle world is in a state of flux. The days are numbered for billet and bling, and a new aesthetic is on the rise.” Dedicated custom motorcycle fans would say no, “. . . motorcycles are not being replaced as love objects by iPhones and laptops.”

Articles here are well-written and accessible, which will encourage a new readership: those who are just starting out. A set of articles ties together the Triumph 650, “in the mid-‘50s, a nitro-burning Triumph nicknamed ‘Pretty Boy,’ ”  racing on the Bonneville salt flats in 1953, and the story of Bobby Sirkegian, a super-talented young racer in the 50’s. Stories about machinery and the people involved with them reach out to a wide range of readers.

A sample of the writing (and my personal favorite) opens the article, ”There are Boxers, Then There’s... Slugger”:

At first glance, it looks like a BMW that has crashed into an oil refinery. Or what happens when you eat a lutefisk-and-lingonberry pizza, slam a few shots of akvavit, and fall into bed for a long Swedish night. In a good way.

BikeCraft Magazine will appeal to devoted riders, customizers, dealers, and buyers of motocycles, as well as attracting readers craving a ride on the wild side. Subscription information is available here.  

27 Sep 2012
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