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University of Huelva, Spain
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Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

Enlightening Tourism is an international, multidisciplinary, online-only journal published twice a year, whose aim is “to promote and enhance research in all fields of tourism.” It’s targeted at scholars studying various tourism sectors, and at professionals in the tourism industry.

There are some interesting circumstances surrounding the creation and intent of this journal. It has been created as a “cross-cultural endeavor for building an academic bridge between Europe and Asia” as the result of cooperation between the University of Huelva (Spain) and the National Chiayi University (Taiwan) – so “papers on tourism in both continents are especially welcomed” by the Editorial Board, as are “articles about new trends and developments within different sectors of tourism, and the application of new ideas and developments that are likely to affect tourism, travel, hospitality and leisure in the future.”

In each of the two issues now available online there are several research articles, recent titles of which include: “Anglophone Hegemony in Tourism Studies Today,” “The State of the Art in Research into Rural Tourism in Spain,” The Ecnomic Nature of International Tourism,” and “From Brand Placement to Tourism Product Placement: Fiction Series as Promotional Support of Tourism Destinations.” There is also a “Books Review” in each issue. For example, the 3rd edition of Destination Brands: Managing Place Reputation by Nigel Morgan, Annette Pritchard and Roger Pride (eds.), 2011, is reviewed by Takamitsu Jimura of York St. John University in the UK.

The site incorporates the easy to use Open Journal Systems search facility (my search for “fiction series” brought up the fourth research article listed above) but with only two issues published so far, it’s easy to browse the entire contents quickly, which you can do by issue, author, or title. There’s a quickly-accessed How to Cite Item link for each article and review, too. I should mention that the system operates a bit slowly, and that the quality of the writing varies quite a bit.

But if you’re serving serious hospitality or tourism researchers, this title is one you should let them know about, especially researchers engaged in work about European and Asian tourism industries.

06 Mar 2012
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