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Reviewed by: Christine Oka, Library Instruction Coordinator, Northeastern University Libraries

The mission of the International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP), a double-blind, peer-reviewed, open access journal, is “to encourage the study of practices and pedagogies associated with ePortfolio in educational settings.” The journal has an impressive international editorial board and review board.

Articles in the inaugural issue examine ePortfolios as instructional vehicles, assessment tools, and their use in professional development. The journal’s holistic approach to ePortfolios is reflected in the contents of Issue 1, Number 1, examined for this review. Those contents cover instruction; assessment; technology, policy and management; professional development, and commentary. A book review of Darren Cambridge's Eportfolios for Lifelong Learning and Assessment is included, as well.

Articles include ”Fostering Integrative Knowledge through ePortfolios,” a study at the University of Michigan examining the validity of the “six dimensions of integrative knowledge and learning resulting from students engaging in the core activities associated with the Integrative Knowledge Portfolio Process and Generative Knowledge Interviewing,” and “Growing a New Culture of Assessment: Planting ePortfolios in the Metro Academies Program,” a case study of the inter-institutional program, Metro Academies of Health, run between San Francisco State University and City College of San Francisco. Both institutions serve large populations of low income, first-generation college students, and both institutions have “gone through the first two parts of the ePorticulture cycle: preparing for the use of ePortfolios and planting the first ePortfolio "seeds" within cohorts of students at both an urban community college and 4-year state university,” using ePortfolios as an assessment tool for students and faculty to improve academic success.The Commentary article discusses the need for experience-based, situated learning.

IJeP is an important emergent resource in the rapidly changing 21st century educational environment. Highly recommended for libraries serving educators at all levels.

06 Mar 2012
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