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Research Institute for Contemporary Philosophy of Life, Osaka Prefecture University
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Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

The Journal of Philosophy of Life is an online-only, open access journal started in 2011, whose aim is to “promote international dialogue on the philosophy of life” – the “philosophy of life” being an academic field they define as including the following three activities: cross-cultural, comparative, or historical research on philosophies of life, death, and nature; philosophical and ethical analysis of contemporary issues concerning human and non-human life in the age of modern technology; and philosophical analysis of the concepts surrounding life, death, and nature.

The Journal examines many philosophical issues in a variety of contexts, including bioethics, biopolitics, environmental ethics, environmental philosophy, gender studies, the history of ideas, Holocaust studies, nursing studies, peace studies, philosophy of biology, philosophy of education, philosophy of science, and religious studies.

An international dialogue is certainly going on in the initial issue (on which this review is based). The editorial board is composed of members from Canada, Mexico, South Africa, and Switzerland, and the issue consists of essays, discussion papers, and papers authored by contributors from Iceland, Japan, North Carolina (U.S.) and the United Kingdom. Subjects covered include considerations of life enhancement technologies, biopolitics and bio-aesthetics, and whether “human ingenuity” poses a threat to human survival.

This title provides some interesting counterpoint to other journals discussing issues of transhumanism, such as the Journal of Evolution & Technology and Foucault Studies, and is recommended for scholarly readers interested in these subjects.

21 Feb 2012
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