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Reviewed by: Mary Beth Clack, Research Librarian Emerita, Widener Library, Harvard University

Published by the University of Toronto Press for the Tocqueville Society and selected collaborating organizations, The Tocqueville Review=La Revue Tocqueville is a journal devoted to social change, comparative politics, social history, political history, and philosophy. Named for Alexis de Tocqueville “to symbolize the Franco-European tradition of reciprocal observation,” the journal includes articles in French or in English on various subjects, especially enlivened by comparative commentary. Recently featured pieces cover climate change in Europe and Canada and new perspectives on democracy and the freedom of assembly.

Special issues have been devoted to contemporary reflections on Jeremy Bentham’s Theory, the work of Tocqueville contemporary John Stuart Mill, the phenomena of social cohesion, and globalization and democracy in the 21st century. A separate section, “Tocquevilliana,” updates the reader on the influence of Tocqueville’s thought on current research and reflections on his principles by noted scholars from France, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom in particular.

For a library interested in reappraisals of democracy, informed by Tocqueville’s touchstone works, in an increasingly pluralistic world, this journal is a worthwhile addition to its collections. It also serves as a counterfoil to misquotations and misinterpretations of Tocqueville’s work by conservatives and liberals alike, especially evident in the blogosphere.

27 Sep 2012
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