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Aarhus Universitet
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Reviewed by: Christine Oka, Library Instruction Specialist, Northeastern University Libraries

The aim of Brasiliana: Journal for Brazilian Studies is to provide a dynamic, international forum devoted to Brazilian Studies, “where scholars from diverse disciplines in Humanities and Social Sciences will be able to publish their research, to establish academic discussion, exchange ideas, and draw on each other’s research within the field of Brazilian Studies.”

In the inaugural issue articles in English and Portuguese explore the discipline of Brazilian Studies, beginning with “Brazilian Studies Then and Now” (which describes the view of the field presented in 1912 by the Brazilian diplomat and scholar Manuel de Oliveira Lima, and how the discipline has evolved and changed in the 21st century).

While articles are in English and Portuguese, the subjects are not limited to these languages. In the General Articles section, “Danish Literature in Brazil: Notes on Translation and Criticism” examines Danish literature in Brazil. There are two more sections:  Book Reviews, and Varia, the latter illustrating the diversity of journal content with “Corruption and democracy in Brazil” and “Sert o translated into Danish,” the transcript of a lecture at Aarhus University about the singer-songwriter, Luiz Gonzaga, and how he “shaped a vision of the people and landscape of northeast Brazil.”

The journal is published on Open Journal Systems, which allows for customization on a local level. Features include a link to citation format for a specific article, searching by language (English, Spanish and Portuguese), searching journal content, browsing issues, and registration for personalized service, such as updates through RSS or email.

As the home page states: “This is an academic journal absolutely dedicated to Brazilian Studies,” and as such, will be of interest to scholars in the subject.

05 Apr 2013
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