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Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology, State University of New York at Buffalo
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Reviewed by: Hilary Kline, Manager, Reformatting Support Services, Imaging Services, Widener Library, Harvard University

Chronika is an open access, graduate student publication that “aims to promote interdisciplinary dialogues and innovative approaches to the study of the past” (particularly of European and Mediterranean archaeology), and to publish this research in a timely fashion. It is staffed and produced by graduate students at the University of Buffalo, but it welcomes submissions from graduate students worldwide.

The first two issues now available online cover an eclectic assortment of topics, with the editor’s welcome in the first issue, explaining: “It is worthwhile to reestablish interdisciplinary dialogues between archaeologists in Anthropology, Classics and Visual Studies; particularly among those who work in Europe and the Mediterranean. A greater emphasis on lateral thinking will emerge as a result, and a new generation of scholars, trained in interdisciplinary collaboration, will revitalize the field and encourage the production of original, engaging research.”

A sampling of titles from those issues demonstrates the fascinating interdisciplinarity of research here: “Greek Identity in the Western Mediterranean,” “Ritual Significance in Mycenaean Hairstyles,” “Time Geography: A reanalysis of a spatial shift on the Great Hungarian Plain,” “Technological Choice and Change in the Southwest Bath in the Athenian Agora,” and “Planning for Heritage Preservation in Western Turkey: a GIS Approach to Archaeotourism and Agricultural Policy.”

Each issue also includes scholarly book reviews, conference reports, and interviews with scholars.

Chronika will appeal to the archaeological curious, as well as to scholars who like to think outside the box of traditional archaeological study. It’s superbly conceived and produced, and should be brought to the attention of serious students of European and Mediterranean archaeology everywhere.

05 Apr 2013
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