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Reviewed by: Michael R. Blake, Digital Resources Librarian, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Ecological Processes “aims to provide better understanding of the ecosystem processes and landscape processes; therefore, better management of ecosystems and environments.” It is a peer-reviewed SpringerOpen journal begun in 2012, with an emphasis on “a wide, interdisciplinary scope of ideas and an integrated, comprehensive approach to each one.”

Coverage includes “all aspects of biological, chemical, physical, and hydrological processes of ecosystem and landscape dynamics across spatial and temporal scales,” with research articles and review articles being accepted for publication. Recently-published articles include “Long-term changes in biological soil crust cover and composition,” “Fluxes of water, sediments, and biogeochemical compounds in salt marshes,” “A spatially distributed, deterministic approach to modeling Typha domingensis (cattail) in an Everglades wetland,” “Bacterial microcosms obey Taylor's law: effects of abiotic and biotic stress and genetics on mean and variance of population density,” and “Landscape features and weather influence nest survival of a ground-nesting bird of conservation concern, the greater sage-grouse, in human-altered environments.”

As with other SpringerOpen titles, the search platform here allows for immediate identification of the ‘most downloaded’ article over a 7-, 30-, and 90-day timeframe. The current most downloaded title is: “Downscaling future climate scenarios to fine scales for hydrologic and ecological modeling and analysis by Flint, Lorraine E; Flint, Alan L.” The site states that, “SpringerOpen is working closely with Thomson Reuters (ISI) to ensure that citation analysis of articles published in Ecological Processes will be available,” while it also notes that “Open access publishing is not without costs. Ecological Processes therefore levies an article-processing charge of £725/$1100/€840 for each article accepted for publication. We routinely waive charges for authors from low-income countries.”

The publisher notes that Ecological Processes is indexed or abstracted by “Google Scholar, OCLC, SCIRUS, and Summon by Serial Solutions.” As with many other open access titles, additional and supplemental materials are available in many of the research articles.

This is an important title for ecologists, biologists, chemists, and earth and environmental scientists.

05 Apr 2013
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