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Reviewed by: Christine Oka, Library Instruction Specialist, Northeastern University Libraries

With Fascism, Brill combines open access with the subscription model: Fascism is described as “a full Open Access journal, which means that all articles are freely available online, ensuring maximum, worldwide dissemination of content, in exchange for an article processing fee.” But for institutions or individuals who prefer print, there is the option to subscribe ($212 for the print to institutions; $70 for the print to individuals). The journal is peer-reviewed, with articles written by researchers and post-graduates covering the range of unique “and generic aspects of fascism....” such as “various fascisms in political, economic, social , historical, and psychological factors, their expression in art, culture, ritual and propaganda....“

In the inaugural issue, they explored the challenge of “Studying Fascism in a Postfascist Age. From New Consensus to New Wave?” with a review of its history beginning with the first Fascio by Mussolini in post-WWI 1919. There is very little agreement on the meaning of the term “fascism,” resulting in many scholars avoiding the use of “this exceedingly slippery term.”  Deeper examinations of fascism take place in “Fascism Studies (and the ‘Post-Fascist’ era): an Ideal Meeting Group” and branches out across disciplines with other articles: “Fascism and Art History: A Paradigm Shift” and “Racial ‘Sterility’ and ‘Hyperfecundity’ in Fascist Italy. Biological Politics of Sex and Reproduction.”

In addition to articles, a number of book reviews are included. This title is recommended for academic libraries serving history and political science scholars.

05 Apr 2013
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