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Reviewed by: Christine Oka, Library Instruction Specialist, Northeastern University Libraries

Health Economics Review (HER) is described by its publisher, SpringerOpen, as “an international high-quality journal covering all fields of Health Economics. . . . macro- and microeconomics of health care financing, health insurance and reimbursement as well as health economic evaluation, health services research and health policy analysis. Further research topics are the individual and institutional aspects of health care management and the growing importance of health care in developing countries.” High-quality content is assured by an international editorial board and a double-blind peer review process.

Health economics is a fast-growing international and  interdisciplinary area of study, and this widening range of interest is reflected in journal articles in the latest issue, which covers research on “Contracting with private providers for primary care services: evidence from urban China,” “Biologic TNF inhibiting agents for treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases: dosing patterns and related costs in Switzerland from a payers perspective,” and  “Estimating cost-effectiveness in public health: a summary of modelling and valuation methods.”

SpringerOpen allows browsing by article type: Editorial, Research or Review, and access by specific volume and issue, as well as links to All Articles, Most Viewed and the Archive. There is an option to sign up for article alerts as well. At present, SpringerOpen is working with Thomson Reuters (ISI) for citation analysis of articles published in Health Economics Review.

05 Apr 2013
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