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York University, Canada
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Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

Theoria and Praxis explores “the interdisciplinary linkages between theory and practice, and facilitate[es] cross-communication between philosophy and the social sciences…, seek[ing] to cultivate a truly planetary voice able to speak to scholars in fields ranging from philosophy, the humanities, literary and cultural studies to economics, history, sociology, and political science.”

Only one issue is available at present, but the Editor’s preface notes the journal will have thematic issues. The inaugural volume’s theme is “The Political,” and the articles in it focus on quite varied aspects of the political, from “Violence, Territorialization, and Signification: The Political from Carl Schmitt and Gilles Deleuze,” to “Between Enemies and Friends: Carl Schmitt, Melanie Klein and the Passion(s) of the Political,” to “From Le savant et le politique (Weber, int. Aron, 1959) to Le savant et le populaire (Grignon & Passeron, 1989) from an English perspective,” and “Disagreeing before acting: The paradoxes of critique and politics from Adorno to Rancière.”

It does seem that the journal will be concentrating on theory and its relationship to practice (if any), and may serve metaphilosophers well.

16 Oct 2013
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