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BOGA journal of Basque Studies
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By Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Harvard University

BOGA: Basque Studies Consortium Journal is published by Basque Studies at Boise State University in collaboration with ScholarWorks at Boise State University (having an online home through Digital Commons, based in Berkeley, CA). The journal is also supported by the Etxepare Institute of the Basque Government of Euskadi. BOGA is “dedicated to the scholarly study of all aspects of Basque culture,” and the publishers “hope to encourage interaction among academics from various learning traditions to forge "Learning Links" via collaboration with other institutions and individuals in a mutually supportive global network.” The publishers note further that BOGA is a Basque word for rowing, and it integrates their logo of the Basque row boat along with the idea of people sharing in the effort to promote Basque studies. At the time of this review there are two issues of BOGA available.

Thus far, each issue has contained a Dedication (Eskaintza-Dedication; to individuals who supported the creation of the journal and the creation of the Basque Studies department at Boise State), a Basque Scholar Feature highlighting the work of notable Basque scholars (prefaced by the observation that: “Oftentimes scholars in general, and Basque scholars specifically, toil in seclusion and general anonymity; so this is an effort to introduce the scholar and their work to a larger audience”), several articles by faculty and academic researchers from a variety of universities and programs of specialization, and a Basque Archive Feature, a series of features to draw attention to the micro and macro of Basque Studies research opportunities (noting that, “While there is truth to the notion of Basques being the “mystery people” of Europe because of the lack of historical roots, there is plenty that can be found if we know where to look. Over time we hope to join with various Basque archives to make their holdings known and accessible”).

The material here will be useful to anyone studying Basques and Basque culture, as well as those studying adjacent and emigrant cultures, such as Spain, France, and the American west. Recommended to libraries supporting such studies.

27 Jul 2014
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