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Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

CuiZine is a bilingual journal published in English and French that “nourishes intellectual exchanges on the subject of food from multicultural perspectives.” The journal explores Canada's diverse food cultures, following “Canadian foodways” -- the ways food “moves across languages and cultures within Canada itself.” Material here spans a wide variety of interdisciplinary themes and subjects, including studies in anthropology, art history, communications, environmental studies, ethnography, history, literature, material culture, religious studies, and sociology. Ultimately, CuiZine discusses how food “defines, distinguishes, bridges and translates across cultures.”

Issues are often composed around a theme, with such recent themes as Sustaining Foods and Food Traditions, Cookbook narratives from within the covers and between the lines, and Overlooked: uncovering, assessing, and inventing the everyday. A large portion of each issue is devoted to research articles that explore food within different contexts, with articles such as: “Eskimo Ice Cream and Kraft Dinner Goulash: The Cultural Geographies of Food in Three Cookbooks from the Northwest Territories (NWT), Canada,” “Decolonizing Diet: Healing by Reclaiming Traditional Indigenous Foodways,” “Food that Builds Community: The Sikh Langar in Canada,” “All Kinds of Dirty”: Supermarkets, Markets, and Shifting Cultures of Clean,” and “Newfoundland and Labrador on a Plate: Bed, Breakfast, and Regional Identity.”

But in addition to the scholarly material you will find a delicious mélange of memories, formats, and media, including the sections, “A Petite Madeleine" (which offers readers one taste of a particular food memory), "Iconic Canadian Foods" (formerly entitled "Foodstuff"), which profiles particular food items that have come to symbolize Canada’s distinctive food traditions, and "Cooking the Books," which is comprised of close looks at significant Canadian cookbooks, along with the author testing some of the recipes therein. Issues also include book reviews, artistic food photographs, poetry (about food), museum reviews, exhibition reviews, interviews (some in print, some with audio provided), a CanLit Food series pairing fiction and poetry with images, and Cuizineart: photos of food and photos of media representations of food.

CuiZine is indexed through CAB Abstracts and World Health Databases, so researchers can locate material through the more formal research channels. But while some content here is thoroughly scholarly, with its Petite Madeleine and Iconic Canadian Foods sections this title will certainly appeal to foodies everywhere, and an extensive browse of it will be savored by the gourmet and cultural aesthete alike.

07 Sep 2014
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