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Academic; Special Adult
Duke University Press
Peer reviewed
USD 160.00 combined subscription per year to institutions (print & online eds.) (effective 2015)

Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

Genre: Forms of Discourse and Culture publishes articles dealing with questions of genre in both literary and nonliterary forms, examining a broad range of cultural, political, and theoretical contexts for studies of generic forms. Genre’s editorial statement notes, “We encourage work that studies the relation between discursive forms and cultural formations without taking for granted either of the terms of our subtitle-- discourse or culture,” and also expresses: “a willingness to push the boundaries of accepted interdisciplinarity further, to construct pathways from literary and cultural artifacts not only to the oft-visited terrains of history, political science, psychology, and philosophy, but also to those more seldom mapped, like music and architecture, and even to those that lie seemingly beyond the fields we know: the physical sciences and mathematics.”

Thus you’ll find here articles covering seemingly disparate subjects, such as, “’Paradise Actually Exists’: Biopolitics and Utopian Praxis in William S. Burroughs's The Place of Dead Roads,” “The Secret History of Sprawl: Joyce Carol Oates's Expensive People and the Deterritorialization of Suburbia,” and “’Now We're All Snug!’: The Regionalism of Little House on the Prairie.” There also have appeared such special issues as 2013’s, “Homo Liber: Essays in Honor of Antonio Negri,” and a 2011 issue, “Binocular Vision: Narrative and Metaphor in Medicine,” expanding the journal’s subject coverage – and interdisciplinarity – even further.
Published since 1968 with Editorial Offices at the University of Oklahoma since 1975, the journal is now produced by Duke University Press in both print and online (newer issues are immediately available digitally, while back issues are in the process of being made available online; as of this writing articles from Spring 2000 through Summer 2014 are available online). The journal website, at:, makes this title immediately searchable by author, keywords, and citation, and Genre is also indexed in the MLA International Bibliography and Philosopher’s Index, as well as a number of more specialized databases.

An essential title for university libraries, college libraries serving the liberal arts, and medium-to-large public libraries.

03 Aug 2014
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