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Association for the Study of Southern Religion
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Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

The Journal of Southern Religion (JSR) is “the first scholarly journal devoted to the study of religion in the American South,” as noted at the website. The journal seeks submissions from anthropologists, historians, religion scholars, sociologists, and researchers in related disciplines, and aims to cover “all aspects of southern religion,” with an emphasis on regionalism in southern religion, religious aspects of southern culture, southern civil religion, local and folk religions, ethnicity, immigration, slave religions, religion and race, class, disability, and gender issues in the South.

Content includes articles and book reviews, as well as roundtables on specific themes and some new media (the JSR Podcast, which includes “interviews and discussion about new books, notable authors, and recent trends in the study of religion in the American South”).

The current issue (Volume 15, 2013), contains the articles, “Evangelicals and 'Domestic Felicity' in the Non-Elite South,” “The Master-Word: Lily Hardy Hammond and the Social Gospel in the South,” “Take Away the Serpents from Us: The Sign of Serpent Handling and the Development of Southern Pentecostalism,” and “Slaveholding Women and the Religious Instruction of Slaves in Post-Emancipation Memory,” as well as an Author’s Reflection (Roberto R. Treviño’s reflection on his book, The Church in the Barrio) and thirty scholarly, signed book reviews. The 2012 issue holds a roundtable on the subject, Religion in the Early South, and includes the articles “Religious Diversity and the Coming of Christianity in the Prerevolutionary South,” “Catholicism in the Early South,” “Protestantism in the Early South,” “Native American Religions in the Early South,” “Protestant Dissenters in the Early South,” and “African Religions in the Early South,” as well as the Author’s Reflection: “Reflections on Fight Against Fear: Southern Jews and Black Civil Rights,” by Clive Webb, and a Panel book review of The Color of Christ: The Son of God and the Saga of Race in America, with the authors’ response to the panel’s reviews. There are thirty-two signed book reviews in that issue.

This title will be essential to students and scholars of religious and cultural studies of the American South, and is recommended for libraries serving them.

24 Jan 2014
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