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Innovacio i Consultoria en Politiques Publiques
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Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

According to its website, P3T “aims to be means [sic] for research, reflection and discussion about the relation between public policy and territories. The scope of the review is mainly concerned with the territory not only as a physical space but also as the place where human interaction take place and where the economic, social and cultural interests become real.”  The site further state the journal is “also a communication tool for both the scientific community and professionals interested in public policies.”

The journal’s editorial board and review team are both based in Spain, mainly in Barcelona. When one checks the content of the issues one finds that one needs to be fluent in Catalan, Spanish, and English to get at all the articles here; a breakdown of what’s available in each is as follows (from Volume 1, Issue 0, 2012 to Volume 2, Number 6, 2013): in Catalan: 15, in Spanish: 27, in English: 11. The most recent issue, Volume 2, 6, 2013, contains a single article (in English): “Critical social innovation in the smart city era for a city-regional european [sic] horizon 2020.”

Some issues have multiple editorials (in Spanish or Catalan), while some issues (such as the latest) have no editorial. Some issues have research articles and controversy articles; one issue has an article labeled, New Contribution. It is necessary to pull up each issue separately in PDF and each article in PDF, which is an annoying and time-consuming method of reading a journal.

Given the scarcity of material here, and the difficulty in accessing it, Spanish public policy researchers only are likely to find it of interest. Not broadly recommended.

24 Jan 2014
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