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World History Connected
Academic, Community College, High School, Elementary School
University of Illinois Press
University of Illinois Press
Open access
Peer reviewed

Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

World History Connected aims to “deepen the engagement and understanding of world history” for those involved in its teaching and learning, including students, college faculty, high school teachers, teacher education programs, research historians, and librarians. It offers “innovative classroom-ready scholarship” while presenting recent research, debates, learning and teaching methods and practices, teaching resources, and reports on outstanding teaching. It is published online only, three times per year, by the University of Illinois Press.

Each issue of World History Connected contains an Editor’s message (providing the context for that issue), a Forum (several articles focused around a particular theme; these may include teaching methods, course structure, syllabi, and interactive class activities), research articles, and book reviews. Recent Fora have included: Teaching The World Since 1945, Architecture and World History, Travelers and Traveler's Accounts in World History, and The Question of Historical Perspective in World Historical Analysis.  Recent teaching and research articles include: “Why Can't We Just Look it Up? Using Concept Formation Lessons to Teach Global Connections and Local Cases in World History,” “Ignorance Is Bliss: Why Unlearning History is So Hard, and So Important,” “Using the Document Based Question to Teach Historical Concepts: Gender and Women's Roles in Modern Egypt,” “Architecture in World History: Digital Resources,” and “Selecting History's Lessons: Deciding and Justifying What We Teach.” Book reviews here are scholarly and generally run from 1,500 to 2,500 words in length. Some include endnotes; all are aimed at an academic, highly-specialized audience.

The journal is indexed in ABSEES, Education Abstracts, Education Index, and OmniFile Full Text, and will be of interest and use to educators at all levels, from grade school through university levels, dealing as it does in how to conceive of world history and how best to teach it throughout the lives of teacher and student, both. This is also a title highly recommended to librarians with liaison and teaching responsibilities in or related to world history.

07 Sep 2014
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