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Climate Change Responses
BioMed Central Ltd.
Peer Reviewed
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Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

Climate Change Responses, published by BioMed Central, is “dedicated to publishing exceptional research on ecological and evolutionary responses to climate change.” Of special interest to the editors is “ground-breaking work linking responses to environmental change across levels of biological organization, from individuals to ecosystems, and with an emphasis on species interactions.” Research across a broad spectrum of subjects – including behavior, ecosystem function and dynamics, evolutionary adaptation and plasticity, paleoecology, phenology, physiology, population dynamics, and broad ecological changes, all within the context of climate change, is particularly welcome for submission.

There’s not a great deal of content in this journal yet (it started in 2014), but what’s here is superb, including the editorial, “Addressing new challenges in climate change research by highlighting biological complexity,”; the research articles: “Beyond spatial and temporal averages: ecological responses to extreme events may be exacerbated by local disturbances,” “Autumn conditions as a driver of spring phenology in a free-living arctic mammal,” “Interactive effects of multiple climate change variables on trophic interactions: a meta-analysis,” “El Niño adversely affected childhood stature and lean mass in northern Peru,” “Models of primary sex ratios at a major flatback turtle rookery show an anomalous masculinising trend,” “Functional homogenization of bumblebee communities in alpine landscapes under projected climate change,” “Trophic interactions and dynamic herbivore responses to snowpack,” the commentaries: “Climate change impacts on animal migration,” “1.5°C or 2°C: a conduit’s view from the science-policy interface at COP20 in Lima, Peru,” “Anticipating novel conservation risks of increased human access to remote regions with warming,”; and the review articles, “A framework for incorporating evolutionary genomics into biodiversity conservation and management” and “Beyond long-term averages: making biological sense of a rapidly changing world.” All of these are well-researched, with appropriate data, tables, and other illustrations.

This journal has significant article-processing charges associated with it. An article-processing charge of £1370/$2,145/€1745 is levied for each article accepted for publication. “If the corresponding author's institution is a Member [of BioMed Central and SpringerOpen], the cost of the article-processing charge is covered by the membership, and no further charge is payable. In the case of authors whose institutions are Supporter Members (the institution pays an annual Membership fee based on the number of researchers and graduate students at their institution), a discounted article-processing charge (15%) is payable by the author.

An important journal that will be of use to anyone studying climate change seriously.

30 Dec 2015
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