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Culture and History Digital Journal
Academic, Special Adult
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
Peer Reviewed
Open Access

Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

Culture and History Digital Journal publishes scientific and review articles with the goal of contributing to the “methodological debate” among international scholars in the humanities and historians. Editors invite manuscripts making use of interdisciplinary and transversal approaches to renovate studies of the past, “relating them and dialoguing with the present, breaking the traditional forms of thinking based on chronology, diachronic analysis, and the classical facts and forms of thinking based exclusively on textual and documental analysis.”

Issues are thematically arranged, with different editors or co-editors for each issue. Some issues include articles beyond those in the “dossier” of thematic essays, and in some issues “Writing on History” essays also appear.

The most current issue available, Volume 4, Number 1 (2015), is focused around the theme, “Beyond US Hegemony: The Shaping of the Cold War in Latin America,” and begins with an eponymous editorial. Articles in the dossier that follow include, “Countering war or embracing peace? Dialogues between regionalism and multilateralism in Latin America (1945-1954),” “Adapting to the new world: Mexico’s International Strategy of Economic Development at the outset of the Cold War, 1946-1952,” “La Nación, Peronism, and the Origins of the Cold War in Argentina,” “Representations of Peronism as totalitarianism in the view of the Socialist Party during a Cold War period in Argentina (1950-1955),” “The Mexican political fracture and the 1954 coup in Guatemala (The beginnings of the cold war in Latin America),” and “Collectivization, participation and dissidence on the transatlantic axis during the Cold War: Cultural Guerrilla for destabilizing the balance of power in the 1960s.” The dossier is followed by two unthemed articles, “Scylla and charybdis 2.0: reconstructing colonial Spanish American territories between metropolitan dream and effective control, historical ambiguities and cybernetic determinism” and “Comparative systems and the functioning of networks: the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific models of trade. XVII and XVIII centuries.”

Themes of previous issues include, “Faces and Traces of Violence: Memory Politics in Global Perspective,” “Empires: Concepts and New Research on the Hispanic world, 16th - 18th centuries,” and “Re(discovered) Beauties,” among others. Articles are extensively researched, very scholarly, and written by an impressive and diverse collection of academics. This is a title that will be useful to world historians, cultural anthropologists, researchers in culture studies, sociologists, and a myriad of students in the humanities and social sciences.

29 Oct 2015
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