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Fieldwork E-Journal
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Reviewed by: Christine Oka, Research & Instruction Services, Northeastern University Libraries, Boston, MA
Founded in 2014, the Fieldwork E-Journal is a “multi-disciplinary forum for contributors to air their work in public” and publishes  “academic (peer-reviewed) and journalistic articles in the Behavioral/Social Sciences and Humanities field and/or on general issues related to contemporary society.” Articles are international in scope with the research articles listed under the heading “peer-reviewed articles” such as “Participatory budget in the city of Santo André: establishing the Worker’s Party way of governing and maintaining the historical leftist tradition in the ABCD district of São Paulo” and “Pedagogy’s Impact and Limitations in a CALL [Computer Assisted Language Learning] Course.” The scholarly articles undergo review by at least two reviewers.
The journalistic, “articles of interest” include opinion pieces, such as “Literature is a textually transmitted disease, normally contracted in childhood” about a recent proposal in Parliament to exclude some texts from the English Literature Syllabus for students aged 14-16 because they were not written by British authors. Titles that would be removed include To Kill a Mockingbird and The Crucible. The author defends these books, “It is not enough just to teach our young people to read. We have to give them books that are worth reading. Books that will help them to make sense of their own lives and encourage them to reach out to people whose lives are very different from their own.” Another article, “Cold-Blooded Killer or Casualty of War? The Case of ‘Marine A’,” examined the circumstances of a Royal Marine Commando accused of murdering an injured Taliban insurgent while serving in Afghanistan. He was later found guilty, dismissed with disgrace from the Royal Marine Corps, and sentenced to life imprisonment. The author discussed the evidence and the circumstances of the case and the subsequent appeal to take Marine A’s “combat stress sufficiently into account.” The articles reflect the diversity of topics covered by “articles of interest.”
This open access journal, published annually, encourages submissions “from graduate students or those who have experience and knowledge on various current social issues.” Each article includes About the author(s) and contact information.  Copyright of the text remains with the author, although; “copyright of graphics and logos is owned by Fieldwork E-journal.” This is a no-frills operation and the editors are unpaid volunteers. Authors are asked to submit publication-ready manuscripts, so “all typographical errors and errors of omission or fact that are contained in the text . . . are the sole responsibility of the authors. In addition, Fieldwork E-journal bears no responsibility for either the accuracy or style of any works or websites cited in or linked to Fieldwork E-journal pages.”
In the journal, links to the article PDFs are displayed on a table of contents page. For those interested in a seamless view of the issue, there is a link to the first issue at which puts all of the PDF articles into a flip book format.

31 May 2015
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