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IAWM Journal
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International Alliance for Women in Music
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Reviewed by: Les Reynolds, editor, ProQuest

Published by the International Alliance for Women in Music, the IAWM Journal is truly international in scope, and champions women in all facets of music around the world.
Some issues are strongly themed, such as the spring 2015 issue, which features Latin American women and music. A portion of Volume 20, Number 2 from 2014 is dedicated to Eskimo music. Biographies of individuals are also regularly presented. Within a comparative study of Mexican and South American piano music are profiles of 2014 Grammy winner Claudia Montero and an article about pianist Ana Cervantes - both in the aforementioned 2015 issue. An article authored by three writers in the 2014 issue explores an often overlooked aspect of jazz and blues singer Billie Holiday’s career: that of composer. Also in the 2015 issue are personal narratives from composer Patricia van Ness (who discusses her work-in-progress inspired by the book of Old Testament Biblical Book of Psalms) and Ukrainian composer Zhanna Kolodub, who talks about the courage needed to work in a difficult political climate.

Common and regular columns and features include recording, sheet music, and book reviews, regional conference and festival reports, and mentions of new society members and general news. Representations of musical scores discussed in the journal are often included.

The writing styles vary due in large part to the many personal narratives the reader will find inside these issues. Sometimes the content is quite scholarly, sometimes simply interesting and informative – and always appropriate.

The IAWM Journal is a valuable resource for women who truly desire to learn about various aspects of women in music worldwide, from historical, analytical, and sociopolitical aspects - and even on a more personal level. The journal celebrates the achievements and challenges faced by women in the global music scene without drawing attention to the fact that it is doing so. It simply does the work.

31 Jul 2015
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