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Special Adult, Academic
Faculty of Science, Department of Geography, Tourism & Hotel Management, Novi Sad
Open access
Peer reviewed

Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard University

International Scientific Journal Turizam, the open access journal (not to be confused with the monthly print journal Turizam from Croatia, published since 1954, ISSN: 0494-2639) began publication in 1997 by the Institute of Geography and Tourism, Faculty of Sciences, in Novi Sad, Serbia. It is “oriented towards contemporary trends in tourism, hotel management and gastronomy,” publishing research articles, research notes, and book reviews of material “relevant to travel, tourism, leisure, hospitality and gastronomy.”

There is an international editorial board that reviews submission. It consists of “mostly professionals in tourism, hotel management and gastronomy fields from neighbouring countries where those fields were given high priority. In addition, there has always been the tendency that university professors and researchers from other European and Non-European countries who participated in the educational process and scientific work at our Department become members of Editorial Board.”

The journal’s aim is to “report significant findings and methodological advances related to many travel, tourism, leisure, hospitality and gastronomy topics; marketing, strategic management, event management, human resource management, education, environmental and sustainable issues.” It is published in English, but at times the translations are somewhat difficult to follow, and the wording and grammar are awkward or incorrect.

Articles here include, “New Demands and Expectations in the City Tourism and Does the City of Niš Welcome Them,” “Mobile Technologies in Museum Exhibitions,” “Business Ethics of Tour Operators – The Case Study of TUI,” “Tourism Assessment of Roman-Catholic Sacral Objects Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (Ahp) – Case Study of Novi Sad, Petrovaradin and Sremska Kamenica,” “Energy Management in Four and Five Star Hotels in Algarve (Portugal),” “The Role of Local Community in the Marketing Planning for Sustainable Tourism National Park Skadar Lake (Montenegro),” and “Tuzla Canton Tourism Offer – Attitudes of Employees in the Tourism Sector.” I’ve listed many articles so you can get the flavor of what’s to be found in this journal: mainly very localized material meant for local tourism professionals.

But this journal also offers an inside view of tourism and hospitality concerns among Serbians about how to attract and engage tourists in their towns and cities, identifying different stakeholders and participants for making tourism in Serbia successful. For this reason librarians will want to make scholars studying modern Serbian culture aware of this title: it reveals much about contemporary Serbia.

30 Jan 2015
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