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Journal of Aesthetics and Culture
Co-Action Publishing
Open access
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Reviewed by: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Harvard University

The Journal of Aesthetics and Culture aims to “develop inter-disciplinary [sic] theoretical models as applied to human science research on aesthetic questions, understood in their broadest meaning, as a means to transcend traditional subject boundaries and to integrate regional, national, international and global perspectives; and finally, to also bridge the gaps between art and technology, between high brow [sic] culture and popular culture, and between aesthetics and politics.” The journal seeks to publish original research articles, reviews of current research, and editorials “reflect[ing] over the state of knowledge within the research field,” and the editors invite submissions across a wide range of subject areas, including: architecture, aesthetics, film science, art theory, cultural theory and cultural studies, literature studies, music studies, fashion studies, drama, ethnology, philosophy, gender studies, history of ideas, history, linguistics, media and communication studies, religious studies, social anthropology, and sociology. The journal sometimes publishes thematic clusters of articles; for example, the 2013 volume held a cluster of articles arrayed around the theme, “Against Globalization,” while the 2012 volume offered a cluster of articles about the topic, “From Sign to Signal.”

The current volume contains the articles, ‘‘I am a place’’: Aletheia as aesthetic and political resistance in Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing,” “On the re-emergence of motion and innovations in the Gábor Bódy’s intermedia experiments,” “Beauty and critical art: is beauty at odds with critical - political engagement?,” “The Arena of Thanatos: Psuche´, Soma, and Sigalit Landau’s body representation: a comparative study,” “The symbolic significance of motifs on selected Asante religious temples,” “Unsettled borders and memories: a ‘‘local’’ indigenous perspective on contemporary globalization,” “Translating Cuba: Diasporic writing between moving cultures and moving media,” “Thinking through the sociality of art objects,” as well as a scholarly book review of Richard Begam’s and James Soderholm’s Platonic occasions: dialogues on literature, art and culture.

It is notable that publishing in the Journal of Aesthetics & Culture is free of charge because of grants from the Swedish Research Council (VR), and the Universities of  Stockholm and Karlstad, Sweden; Oslo, Norway and Aarhus, Denmark. However, if an author's university maintains an official central fund to cover costs for Open Access Publishing, or the article describes results from research funded by a positive Open Access funder, a publication fee will be charged (please see: for the fee structure).

This is an intriguing mélange of work that embraces the arts and cultural studies from a multitude of nationalities and global perspectives. It will be valuable to academics across the arts, humanities, and cultural studies.

31 Jul 2015
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